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Nov 18, 2022  11/18/22 10:29:19 AM

The snow sure is pretty!  It’s a little early to see it.  We can’t complain, since our harvest weather was about perfect.  The 2.0” of rain we received a couple of weeks ago was really needed.    
Harvest went well.  Our corn and bean bins got full.  Not too many breakdowns at the elevator.    Yields were good.  Maybe a little less than last year but still good with less moisture.  Seed genetics are getting better and better every year.  Holly and Rachel did a great job at the scale and with taking over Cindy’s duties.  Casey, Donald, and Larry did a very good job getting everyone unloaded and back to the fields.
Corn and bean markets remain very volatile.  Geo-political headlines (true or false) keep the markets moving up and down.  Nebraska and western Iowa corn basis are at record highs coming out of harvest.  Smaller crop = better basis.  I’d look for these values to move into our area to keep bushels from moving that direction.  South American weather will be in the spotlight the next several months.  Planting is currently behind schedule in both Brazil and Argentina.  The new bean processing plant at Shell Rock has taken in some beans and from what I’ve been told production should start sometime in January.  Having another player in the area will be good for everyone. 
Hope you have time to enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.
Have a great weekend.
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