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June 7th  06/07/24 3:56:43 PM

Rain makes grain??  Our rain total April 1st through the end of May has equaled 14.5”.  Last year rain total from April 1st until Sept 1st = 9.75”.  Now we need some heat and timely rains to make grain. 
The new 14’ * 80” scale was delivered on April 2nd.  It’s a twin to the outbound scale.  Demolition of the old scale started the next day.  The wet conditions in April and May slowed the construction progress.  We hope to have the scale operational by the end of this month.  Oakland’s IT engineers have been busy but we are on their schedule.   They need to tie in the message board and scale ticket printer to our current system.   We should be trained to use the system by the start of harvest!
Our yearly state warehouse and grain dealer exam was completed during May.  Corn and bean inventory was measured.  Grain records were spot checked.  Holly and Rachel do a very nice job with the State grain record keeping requirements.  The examiners were training a new individual.  The main reason you may have seen the state vehicles here longer than normal.
On Wednesday June 12th the gov’t will release another USDA Crop Production and Supply/Demand Report.  Old (‘23/’24) and New (‘24/’25) crop carryout(C/O) numbers will be updated.  Current guess on old crop corn is 2.022 bln bushels.  New crop 2.102 bln bushes.  Old crop soybean C/O guess 340 mln bushels and new crop C/O at 445 mln bushels.  All 4 figures weighing on future prices.  Processors buy their crush needs hand to mouth.  Processors are posting weekly basis numbers.  China did buy a cargo of beans out of the gulf for July.  Very little export business getting done.  We’ll have to see what changes the USDA makes to the SA balance sheet.  Once the report is released, we’ll be back to trading weekly crop conditions/weather and all the other daily world news happenings.  Always a fun time of year!
Have a great weekend and enjoy your summer!!
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