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Dec 16, 2016  12/16/16 12:36:43 PM

Hope everyone is getting settled in for a long winters nap.  The weather outside is sure freighting and pretty darn cold.  I guess we had it really nice for such a long time maybe we forgot what winter is supposed to feel like.  It won’t take long to remember. 
The grain markets continue to chop around.  The fund managers are doing a pretty good job make the markets move and probably making a lot of money along the way.  There is growing area in Argentina that has missed out on some rains.  Rains are forecasted to arrive early next week with good coverage.   Ethanol margins have been good.  Exports have also been holding their own.  China is making a killing crushing beans.   On January 12th, the USDA will release crop production, Dec 1st stock and Supply/Demand numbers.  Corn and bean basis values have improved and may continue to get better if futures don’t move higher.
Some quality issues are being noted.  Make sure you keep an eye on the grain stored in your bins. 
The board of directors voted to pay the balance of 2007 deferred patronage at yesterday’s meeting.  These checks, totaling $109,912 will be mailed out early next week.  Thank you for your support!
The grain markets and our office will be closed on Monday December 26th and Monday January 2nd.   We will also be closing at 2:00 pm on Friday December the 23rd
Deferred payment checks can be picked up at the office on Tuesday January the 3rd.
Stay warm and drive safe!
The birth of Jesus Christ and the gift he offers us is the true meaning of Christmas.  Society would like us to forget God’s gift and we can’t out give Him!  No matter how hard we try.     
Merry Christmas!!
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